Companies that satisfy customers with

                                                                   the best taste and service

We "E-VIETGROUP" prioritize customer and prepare for customer satisfaction. We are doing out best to provide

the best company cafeteria service All of our executives and employees are endeavoring on service, taste, and hygiene with passion.
We express our gratitude for visiting us in deciding cafeteria and we will do our best to make you think ‘I have made good choice’.

1ST. Eating and drinking first class enterprise

We aim to be the first in the foodservice industry such as menu, hygiene, environment, and service. Our goal is to realize customer satisfaction.

3RD. The best food company

We want to respect the value of our customers through realizing customer satisfaction and to appreciate the value of E-VIETGROUP from our customers.

2ND. A leading food company

E-VIETGROUP is committed to protecting all employees,
Furthermore, by realizing the sharing community in society,
We will create it as a corporate image.



​E-VIET GROUP will be responsible for all kinds of food materials

E-VIETGROUP is a systematic system that aims for thorough management and thorough inspection solutions.

Food Service

Our E-VIETGROUP is customer oriented
Service oriented and always safe
Food, Taste and Nourishment
We will greet our customers with.

Food distribution

Secure distribution lines and meticulous inspection
And we provide safe management.

Design Consulting

A comfortable and stable dining area
You can always relax like a seat and a comfortable shelter.
Reflecting the nest and customer amenities

The quality of the food delivered to the fingertips Good food for health
Quality service to treat customers
It is provided by e-vietgroup.
​food system
Restaurant design and bright interior
We optimize our dining environment
to provide you with a sense of stability
and hearty background.
The health and nutrition of the food you serve
Thinking and using good quality ingredients
Eliminate the discomfort and anxiety of eating
It has a safety management system.
cad design
Only good food materials make good food, heartedness satisfies customer's taste, and customer's mind
is responsible for customer's health.
All of our employees at E-VIETGROUP always treat customers with these minds.

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