E-VIETGROUP provides a comfortable home base for your dining environment.

E-VIET GROUP is responsible for the environment where customers eat.

-1 Day Purchase Order 1 Day Principles

- Improve the quality of direct transactions and safe purchasing

- Same day consumption

- Storage of spare parts such as industrial products and rice

- Manager, Chef Cross-examination

- Check the lead and expiration date, measure the temperature

   and thoroughly execute the inspection.

- Refrigerated goods less than 10 degrees, frozen goods less

   than 18 degrees,fish and meat less than -5 degrees

- Record in the inspection log.

Purchase food


​식자재 관리



Inspection of

food materials

On the day of

food material

The quality of the food delivered to the fingertips Good food for health
Quality service to treat customers
It is provided by e-vietgroup.
​food system
Restaurant design and bright interior
We optimize our dining environment
to provide you with a sense of stability
and hearty background.
The health and nutrition of the food you serve
Thinking and using good quality ingredients
Eliminate the discomfort and anxiety of eating
It has a safety management system.
cad design
Only good food materials make good food, heartedness satisfies customer's taste, and customer's mind
is responsible for customer's health.
All of our employees at E-VIETGROUP always treat customers with these minds.

Food material management

- Separate design of work site into three zones based on HACCP standards to prevent food contamination
- Cross-contamination prevention design of cooking materials such as cooking room, pretreatment room,

   storage room (HACCP standard application)


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