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​food system
cad design
The quality of the food delivered to the fingertips Good food for health
Quality service to treat customers
It is provided by e-vietgroup.
Restaurant design and bright interior
We optimize our dining environment
to provide you with a sense of stability
and hearty background.
The health and nutrition of the food you serve
Thinking and using good quality ingredients
Eliminate the discomfort and anxiety of eating
It has a safety management system.
Only good food materials make good food, heartedness satisfies customer's taste, and customer's mind
is responsible for customer's health.
All of our employees at E-VIETGROUP always treat customers with these minds.

So 5 duong D1,khu dan cu Tan Hai Minh,P.Linh Tay,Q.Thu Duc,Tp.HCM

Tel : 028 - 2253 - 2914

Fax : 028-2253-2834